The important of Active Diversification in Open Source and its impact in Innovation

Open source is only as open as the voices who contribute to its development. Please join us at this networking event to learn how to diversify the voices in your open source communities from community organizers who are consciously making it happen. In addition to time for networking with other attendees, this lunch will feature a presentation: Active diversification We’ve heard that the tech industry needs to address the diversity problem and be more inclusive. However, it’s rare to hear how people are solving the problem. Griselda Cuevas explai ns how they are bringing cultural diversity to open source by creating an open source community in Mexico. Mexico is known for its large software manufacturing centers, and Guadalajara is even called the Mexican Silicon Valley. So it was surprising to find out that open source projects are not a big part of the software culture. This is why OSOM (Open Source Mexico)—a community focused on bringing the experience of contributing to open source projects—was founded by IBM, Google, and Tacit Knowledge. The purpose of this community is to work on cultural challenges that make it hard to participate in open source, from the language barrier to feelings of not being “good enough” or not being welcome to a new community. These are situations lived by all minorities. Gris will discuss how OSOM is approaching this opportunity, detailing how OSOM is structured, the main focus areas of the group, and the impact it has had in the Mexican ecosystem, in order to inspire and empower other minorities to create similar initiatives to boost diversity and inclusion in their communities. They call this “active diversification”: they lead by example and expose groups to the communities they want to diversify; they empower them; and they work on smoothing the entry barriers. This talk has been given at OSCON and OS Summit NA this year, check out:

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